According to the study.

According to the study, requires the detection of excess weight concerns, improper diet, or a pattern of weight loss in children more attention. In conversation with the father of a child can also provide information, but parents were not aware of, or even part of the problem. ‘If a mother is anxious about the food, hates her body and an unhealthy relationship with food, this directly to their children in deep, Knolls types are transmitted, ‘Dennis said. ‘. Will not change will not change, but the parents, ‘said Dr. ‘the impact that a woman has on her children is exponentially more powerful than anything that has to do the media or culture in order to prevent eating disorders, ‘she said. ‘Eating disorders are family diseases , and are best when they are treated as such. ‘.

All rights reserved.. Indonesian government imposed Ban Against Female Genital Cuttingdoctors and nurses in Indonesia women from performing female genital mutilation has been banned – a practice female circumcision female circumcision or mutilation of the female genitalia, which it refers to a partial or total removal of the labia clitoris or both – with a notice by the Government, a Ministry of Health officials on Wednesday announced the AP / International Herald Tribune reports (AP / International Herald Tribune,[h] After Sri Hermiyanti, head of the Ministry of Health Family Health Directorate damaging, urting, damaging, incising and cutting of the clitoris is not prohibited permitted because [t] hese acts violate the reproductive rights of these girls and damage to organs.Headache experts meeting in Boston for the 50th Annual Conference of the American Headache Society. To learn more about a headache and facial pain developments of the past 50 years – including the top five progress in the headache – and introduced that of the future. Of the future.

– FIRST rigorous examination of the magnetic stimulation unit PROMISE showing for short migraine headaches: Research indicates 7 million Americans simply treatment centers simply channel surfing the pain of at the start of a migraine, instead of to swallow medications and waits relief. The scientists have published encouraging results of demonstrate to a portable transcranial magnet stimulation appliance would help to an estimated 39 % of of migraine patients. The device, working on the size and weight of an hair-dryer, by clicking. To the back said head and click of a button two times, sending a short magnetic field pulse of at the brain of The 16 – website multicenter, randomized, double blind is the first study strict examination magnetic stimulation apparatus..

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