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The scientists found that gender-based social expectations unlikely that the source of the reported gender differences in the way people are coordinate head movements head movements during the two-way conversation.

Head movement is more important than gender in nonverbal communication, search psychologistsIt is known that people use head motion during a conversation a range of a range of meanings and emotions, and that women use more active head movements in conversation with each other than men use when they talk to each other.Public dialog operations on of contracting , affected scientific and technological discipline within the jurisdiction of the Royal Society related This includes mathematics, engineering, agrarian and medical science as well as the scientific aspects of archeology, geography and experimental psychology.

The winner will get a cash prize of? a subsidy from? 500 for science communication Things and silver gilt medals. The Earl of Selborne, chairman of the Royal Society Science in Society Committee, said: ‘It is vital that we young scientists promote makes sense intervention an audience outside to the scientific community , the public have plays a key role in realizing potential technology advances. Gender dialog box allowing citizens of from outside the world science, October 2004. Have her views part and account time has even enable scientists to full representing both the potential advantages and issues dealing with the use new knowledge is.

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