What does epithelial cells change their identity?

But expressed the proteins that regulate the change in the pattern of genes, so that epithelial cells undergo EMT , were not fully defined.. What does epithelial cells change their identity?In the development and pathological processes in adult education, the cells are constantly their function. Well-characterized cellular transition that occurs during development, as well as during wound healing, tissue fibrosis and tumor metastasis, the transition from an epithelial cell is a mesenchymal cell . This change in the cell type and function is known as the epithelial – mesenchymal transition and it was shown that a protein is known as FSP1 important for this transition.

In an accompanying commentary, Raghu Kalluri and colleagues from Harvard Medical School, illustrate the importance of of this study for our understanding of EMT and suggest that the complex might be a good CBF-A/KAP-1/FTS-1 its therapeutic target for the treatment of diseases in which EMT prominent as tissue fibrosis.The severity of the influenza is still unknown. Some U.S. Doctors say they dare information from Mexico, but WHO saying it not believe. Updated on delays in in coverage the outbreak of. – . We have only scattered reports from different locations than than they explain to to pandemic, Peter said Katona, associate professor at University of California, Los Angeles Medical Center, burnout The virus may tomorrow. We have not to know .

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