This helps to maintain the barrier between species.

The ability of females males of the same species is to be found ensure that they do not mate with other species of fish. This helps to maintain the barrier between species, and it may have played a crucial role in speciation.

Between species, partner can be a difficult task as the Congo in a turbid river – Electric fish use Species-specific discharge for mate recognition : Electrifying Love.But African weakly electric fish to meet this challenge by producing their unique ability to electrical signals for mate choice recognition. Females of these weakly electric fish, the electrical signals of the males of the same species will be attracted.Patients 14 and older presenting the first consultation of the current sequence of acute low back pain were enrolled in the study. Study also monitored patient 12 months from initial consultation to determine if had broken, infection, arthritis or cancer the cause of their lower back pain. The results revealed that the GPs 5 of the 11 cases of undiagnosed severe illness identify throughout the initial consultation.

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