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In this role, said Humana that El-Tawil come responsible for the operational supervision of their Medicare HMO and PPO health plans, Medicare Prescription Drug Plans, Medicare Supplement policies , and private fee-for – service health plans to people offered for Medicare in the Western Region. Humana has around 495,000 Medicare members in the West.

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The laboratory shown that the new approach extremely high efficiency of by capturing more than 90 per cent of CTCs out of the blood of mice with breast. Of special significance was the fact that the captured CTC were able grown and expanded in culture. Those intact living tumor cells might be used for additional testing and enabled molecular the screening of medicinal, your personal needs of each patient about meet in the future. More tests found in that the device sufficiently sensitive to to sudden increase in number of the CTC that one metastatic cancer cross signal and could thus available alarm clinicians capture disease progression.

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