The Associated Press reports: .

The Vice – President of the stage Wednesday for the administration health reform campaign with a meeting with seniors at Leisure World in suburban Maryland. The Associated Press reports: ‘. Vice President Joe Biden tried nervously seniors calm Wednesday that she could not see cuts in their Medicare benefits if the nation’s health care system is being revised.

In four to six months and at 12 months – ‘In the beginning, patients and family caregivers fear that hanging their doctor, whose expertise and caring they have come, are no longer available,’the authors write. ‘The doctors themselves are afraid of this and try with with certainty and continuity strategies. But as death approaches, some patients and families feel abandoned nonetheless because they lose the continuity of their medical knowledge or their relationship with the doctor.Another contribution of this work is use compounds, cells, which at the expense of by induce cancers cell proliferation. ‘Next step is order tested of these molecules mouse models from skin cancer and assess whether they affecting the cell division and tumor development,’says the writer.

The changes to these routes uses cell differentiation and therefore a rise during cell division, ‘We established that samples from patients skin SCC show reduced activity of proteins, cell differentiation and an overactivation. ‘promoting inhibitory signals, tells of Guinea.

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