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About MOCD type AMOCD Type A is an ultra – rare metabolic disease newborns in which a genetic deficiency of the cPMP causes a deficiency of molybdenum cofactor which in turn leads to catastrophic brain damage, survival of the survival of the rule in the. The cofactor deficiency leads to an accumulation of neurotoxic sulfite, uncontrolled seizures, severe and rapid neurological damage and death. There are currently no treatment options for patients with MOCD type A.

About the cPMP Replacement TherapyThe medicine was developed to the poor cPMP who MOCD production , then that child’s body allows the disposal of toxic sulphite replacing. Scientific discoveries, this highly innovative therapy in Germany in Germany and pioneering work has led to the promotion of the early clinical experience with cPMP replacement therapy in several newborns. Investigators in Germany and Australia have treated meaningful clinical results in the first patients. .On Decision Resources,Decision Resources a related group of businesses, which best – in-class, high – value information and insights is offer to important areas the healthcare industrialized. Customers rely on those analysis and data for make informed decisions.

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