The pharmaceutical industry has more than $ 44.

PhRMA and 14 major pharmaceutical companies together accounted for 80 percent of lobbying in the states on drug issues (Washington Post, in pharmaceutical companies, Eli Lilly had the highest lobbying expenditures, spending $ 4, States on lobbying in 2003 and 2004 and more than $ 2.2 million to state candidates and political parties from 2001 to 2004. GlaxoSmithKline spent $ 4, lobbying, spent Pfizer $ 4,000 and Johnson & Johnson spent $ 3 (Groppe, Gannett / Indianapolis Star, also gave Pfizer more than $ 3 million to state candidates, while GSK gave more than $ 2.2 million. The report states that a majority of the industry campaign donations – more than $ 11 million – went to republican groups and candidates Democratic candidates and groups received about $ 7,000 (Newark Star-Ledger..

Contributes to the contributes to the ACE partnership, a joint effort of of the ATP, the governing body of men’s professional tennis, and UNICEF, to harness the power of tennis for children.A professor Piot said:’I am delighted be able Terrence Higgins Trust in this way support Learn more men are living with HIV than ever before in Germany and prices of many sexually transmitted infections increase joint organizations as THT playing a. Decisive role range testing, information and support for those affected. ‘.

– With a network of quality providers. One Call Medical is the only company that from of quality EMG and NCS vendors. By an extremely rigorous credentialing process, it has selected the best neurologists and Physical Therapy. Seine credentialing process includes an clinical review of random samples ensure compliance reporting standards of.

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