No significant reduction in the primary endpoint of major cardiac events.

High dose of statin for patients with earlier heart attack is of little usepatients who had a heart attack and have been treated with a high dose of a statin, no significant reduction in the primary endpoint of major cardiac events , but apparently have lower risk when certain secondary outcomes were examined, according to a study in the November 16 issue of This study is early to her presentation at the annual meeting of the American Heart Association and published.

Optimal use of nutrition and appropriate use of medications drastically reduce the risk of MI, stroke and death from heart disease. These new data should help to motivate all patients who their their cholesterol treatment with their doctor Dr ‘to get the benefits of intensive cholesterol lowering were hesitant. Finally, on the scientific community new avenues of new avenues of treatment, with approaches that may well be ‘beyond statins. ‘Even with intensive statin therapy, the current best evidence-based treatment available, many patients will still have recurrent cardiovascular events.Marshall is the co-inventor of Fourier transform ICR, and his group will widely acknowledged as the the world leader. Recognized in the development of Fourier transform ICR technologies and applications.. The nation Science Foundation-funded magnets laboratory is a worldwide leader in high – magnetic-field research and solenoid history. Is the best way with offices at FSU, University of Florida and Los Alamos National Laboratory New Mexico – used by faculty and visiting scholars for the research in many disciplines such as biology and microbiology. The technology of Marshall referred, constructed a Fourier transform ICR mass spectrometer an 14.5 – tesla superconducting magnets An Tesla is a unit of one of magnetic field intensity.

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