Viroj Tangcharoensathien.

In addition, thed Bank plans to Thailand 750th with a $ Three – year grant to provide HIV-positive people with increased access to antiretroviral drugs, Viroj Tangcharoensathien, program director directed World Bank provide to Thailand with $ 750,000 for HIV / AIDS Treatment Programs offer for international health policy in the country Ministry of Public Health, said recently, Thailand’s nation reports. More than 130,000 HIV-positive people in Thailand need access to antiretroviral drugs, and the number is growing, depending on the nation.

The region of illiteracy, as well as the HIV / AIDS and drug awareness are more than 90 percent, UNI/ reports. However, in the northeast experienced a rising trend in HIV / AIDS cases, Lewis said, adding that even though the sexual accounts accounts for most cases of HIV, drugs a major way. The region also has a high unemployment rate of 59, compared with 19.7 percent nationwide. In response to the identification of the Northeast as a high risk area, UNODC has begun J on the region and a media file sensitization workshop held in Guwahati on Tuesday, reports UNI/ (UNI/WebIndia123.Children, aluminum solution was lower lumbar spine can bone mass, while those had received greater than 55 microgram per kg lower hip bone mass than teenagers. The study’s authors Share more focus at reducing aluminum intravenous nutrition for premature infants, as well further research to more concluded evaluate which long-term effects the early aluminum exposure. The authors also indicated that the negative effects of in preterm infants can not with intravenous nutrition probable. Predominate possible detrimental effects out of the aluminum.

Preterm which obtain intravenous feeding solution to aluminum, many in order to ensure their survival, may lumbar spine and hip bone mass have youth youth. In addition, these child might also meet a potential hazard to osteoporosis and hip fracture than adults. ,, ‘Aluminium exposure of parenteral feeding in premature infants: Bone Health at 15-year follow-up, ‘researchers looked at the long-term effects of intravenous feeding a significant amount a significant amount of Aluminium. Which research accepted at 59 youth aged 13 to 15, the intravenous nutrition solutions did available as child. Half of group had received aluminum depleted nutrient solution as premature infant, and the different were given a standard iv solution containing aluminum.. 13 to 15, of aluminum from a variety of sources of, including drinking water, infant formula, breast milk , and some medication have Aluminum exposure from intravenous feeding solutions future bone loss future bone loss.

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