Source: Jason Bardi American Institute of PhysicsBionic ear.

These days, sound waves are the basis of many new medical technologies emerging markets – help to deliver genes and drugs to specific tissues, detecting bacterial infections and kidney stones, trimming the prostate and many other applications. The troops is also mixing with other disciplines such as neurology, with with speech and hearing problems.. Source: Jason Bardi American Institute of PhysicsBionic ear, pressure waves and biofilmsSound has a long history in medicine from the earliest from the earliest Century stethoscopes the latest ultrasound techniques, the picture grows fetus and beating heart.

2) PAIR OF BIONIC EARS helps distinguish LEFT FROM RIGHT, a pair of bionic ears will benefit the child with hearing loss? Cynthia Zettler, a postdoctoral fellow in Ruth Litovsky lab at the University of Wisconsin-Madison thinks so. In Portland, ten years, theolleagues are the first data from a five-year longitudinal study of children indicates that , over the years , implants can partially to recognize the ability a child, in what direction a sound is coming present.– yielded an experimental analysis in that 1,200 guests in 4 cities in China to latest warning signs much less effective than warning signs from other countries, especially those with graphs evaluated. The warning at the back each package in China written in English, less than 10 percent of smokers knew how the foreign message.

‘ news that too difficult to swallowGood news the horizon for the millions of Americans suffering diabetes. Developed a new method of taking insulin orally, the way the the body natural processes them decisive hormones imitates.

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