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Taking a break after a short death, lots of patch news to go over with tons of new skills, vanity effects, convention news, meet n greets and much more in Episode 25!

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After Action Report – My higher level ranger finally met her demise in a public party while mapping due to one part desync one part stupidity on my part so I took a short break for a week or so while waiting on news for the Trib, rerolled and back at level 50ish on a new dual incinerate totem build that seems to be working well thus far in Cruel.

Want to let us know what you did each week in POE? Send us a brief email on it.Send us an email, and tell us what you did. Trying out a new build? Min/Maxing every last point? Funny random boss names? Let us know and we’ll read your emails on-air :)

Headline News – Wasn’t a lot of patch news for the last episode, this time tons of patch news! We look at the most recent patches as GGG launches pretty much a large patch on a weekly basis including a new skill each week and more. GGG visits America for some conventions, including meeting up with some fans in San Francisco and we look forward to a new patch with three new big time support gems.


0.10.2 Patch Notes
0.10.3 Patch Notes
0.10.4 Patch Notes
Daily Deals Now Available
0.10.4b Notes & 0.10.5 Patch Preview
San Francisco Fan Meetup Results

Meta Game – We look at new build site, where top level builds by folks such as Kripparian, Nugiyen, Morsexier and other top ladder / race players post very in depths builds. We cover the pros (a ha pun) and cons of the site and whats what.

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