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A little slow news week as we look over a couple patches, some epic looking swag, boosting prevention, alpha testers getting their hands on 0.10.0 and much more in Episode 018!

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After Action Report – Mainly been working on a pure summon Witch build after the wipe and passive tree changes. Got her up to level 53 in Merciless so hoping to check out the map system and high level content before Open Beta starts soon.

Want to let us know what you did each week in POE? Send us a brief email on it.Send us an email, and tell us what you did. Trying out a new build? Min/Maxing every last point? Funny random boss names? Let us know and we’ll read your emails on-air :)

Contest – This week’s winner of a closed beta key is Stephen Moore! We’re giving away another bet key this week. Want to enter? Just send us an email to with the words “poe beta key” in the subject line or email text. We’ll pick a random winner next week! get those emails in for a chance to win. And remember if you’ve entered into a contest previously you still have a chance to win, we roll those entries back into the prize pool so you still can have a chance!

Headline News – Not the busiest of weeks for news, but some interesting stuff none the less. We look at a bug fix patch and another patch that pretty much eliminates boosting and rushing in one fell swoop. The supporter donation swag is looking epic and that big patch on the horizon 0.10.0 gets closer which is the launch of open beta.


0.9.13d Patch Notes
Chris announces 0.10.0 going to Alpha soon
0.9.13e Patch Notes
Support Swag Ready for Shipping
0.9.13f Coming Soon With Trade Screen

Meta Game – A short Meta Game segment this week, thanks to the redesigned official site, over at you can now see upcoming or on going Events on the main page right hand side. We covered the Events sub-forum in a previous episode of the Tribune but the new redesign of the official site and this handy feature means you technically don’t need to comb through the forums for it, it’s right there to be read with links to the threads for further details.

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