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Fresh off the heels of the third open beta weekend, we got some news of a new patch being teased, a new build of the week, some goings on with the community, cutthroat league around the corner, closed beta keys to giveaway and much more in Episode 009 of the PoE Tribune!

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After Action Report – I’ve been focusing mostly on one or two builds, since open beta could be here soon, I don’t wanna commit a ton of time to just one character when I know it’ll get wiped. Spent a lot of time in the open beta weekend playing, watching folks stream it like Kripparian, and even spent a while answering as many questions in global chat as I could.

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Contest – We gave away another beta key this week, chose George Thompson, grats dude! Your key will be emailed to you shortly. We’re giving away another bet key this week. Want to enter? Just send us an email to with the words “poe beta key” in the subject line or email text. We’ll pick a random winner next week! get those emails in for a chance to win. And remember if you’ve entered into a contest previously you still have a chance to win, we roll those entries back into the prize pool so you still can have a chance!

Headline News – A couple of small patches with fixes, a neat buff, more delicious morsels of cutthroat league update, a patch tease and a new build of the week!


0.9.11e Patch Notes
0.9.11f Patch Notes
Third Public Open Beta Weekend / Stress Test Finished
Patch tease via PoE Twitter account
Build of the Week 7

Meta Game – With the cutthroat league already being tested, and possibly coming soon, I figured it was a good time to re-highlight the public grouping system. How it can help people stay alive in the open pvp of cutthroat by banding together for safety in numbers, or how it might be a bit troll friendly if people were to drop from group and gank you.

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