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In a smorgasbord of new stuff, the Tribune dives head first into all the little sneak peak Chris and the guys at GGG throw at us this week. Act 3’s town preview, some epic voice over work, epic music, all kinds of community involvement theres plenty to go around this week in Episode 005!

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After Action Report – Doc’s been busy with his new job so it’s just Mav this week. Tons of PoE played on the my main, and various alts. Loving every minute of it :)

Want to let us know what you did each week in POE? Send us a brief email on it.Send us an email, and tell us what you did. Trying out a new build? Min/Maxing every last point? Funny random boss names? Let us know and we’ll read your emails on-air :)

Contest(s) – Congrats to our winners for beta keys this week, Time W. and Jason F. (sorry for butchering your names if pronounced wrong). Your beta keys are in the mail :) We’re giving away another bet key this week. Want to enter? Just send us an email to with the words “poe beta key” in the subject line or email text. We’ll pick two random winners next week! get those emails in for a chance to win.

Headline News – A small bug fix patch, some act 3 town teaser, a really awesome Marauder voice over, new music, community group hug with the new fan art gallery and build of the week, theres a ton of great stuff GGG threw our way this week :)


0.9.10f Patch Notes
Tweet Saying Act 3 Music Complete
Marauder Voice Over and New Music
Cartographers Chisel Speculation
Official Fan Art Gallery Open
New Build of the Week GGG Youtube Series Started
Build of the Week Submission Process

Meta Game – Now that 0.9.10 has been live for a while, we examine the Public Party system, how to access it, the benefits of it and good reasons to try it :)

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