RSA STO Episode 092


Down two redshirts this week, we rally three of us out of sickbay to churn through this weeks big helping of news, the new Featured Episode and more, with some help from NemesisChicken and the guys from PodcastUGC

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After Action Report – With Cohas not here due to no electricity, Colin Morblade and Mav go through the usual stuff of the week, from a few STF runs, the new FE and more.

Want to let us know what you did each week in STO? Let us know, send us an email, and tell us what you did. Whether its grinding some Ambassador missions, some funny bugs you ran into, a cool STF run, we’d love to hear it and read it on air :)

Live Stream – n/a

Quadrant News – For what may have seemed like a slow news week, we managed to dig deep and find some cool nuggets of info. From the massive new Ask Cryptic results, some epic looking twitter posts and much more!


Ask Cryptic returns with March 2012’s Ask Cryptic
Borticus pops over into STOked, FE scheduling overview
March Calendar is up. Mugato pets, Doff Expansions, Cardi Box Expiration and more
Dev Blog #27, another roleplay blog related to FE
Preview of full Jem Ha’dar Space Set
Utopia Planetia Logo In-Game
Utopia Planetia Ship Yard 3D Model Preview
CrypticEQAH announces Cursor Resize feature coming soon/a>
March 2nd Patch (Holodeck)

Tactics and Gameplay – We cover this week’s new Featured Episode, The Facility. Cohas isn’t here but he and Mav ran through it and it turned out well. Most scores were high, averaging 4 to 4.5 redshirts out of 5. We go into great detail on the mission objectives, the cool new map, some story plotholes and our excitement awaiting the finale to the series.

Meet the Doffs – n/a this week, saved for news

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