How common is foot-and-mouth disease?

In 2001, the United Kingdom, Ireland , France and the Netherlands had outbreaks of foot – and-mouth disease.Can Humans Get FMD?According to the British Department of Health, human infection of FMD is very rare. The only recorded human case in the UK was in 1966 – symptoms were similar to influenza , plus some blisters and were fairly mild. It is a human condition, such as hand – foot-and-mouth disease, which is known to have no connection with FMD and has no effect on animals..

What is foot-and – mouth disease ?FMD is a contagious disease, the even-toed ungulates, before especially cattle, pigs, it is well knowns and deer affected. The disease is serious for animal health and the economic well being of agriculture industry. Although FMD is not normally fatal to adult animals, their impact on the productivity loss may be devastating. FMD can be significantly reduced milk production and animals are often lame. FMD can be fatal and on a large scale for young animals.Because early gastric cancer causing few symptoms, to disease generally not diagnosed until in an advanced state an advanced stage. In Europe, the five-year survival rate of for gastric cancer 20 percent in men and 25 percent among women. Also in the U.S., is the five – year survival rate for gastric cancer 24 percent, While survival survival rates of 61 percent if the illness is detected early. But are less than one quarter of diagnosis gastric cancer in the early stages the United States. In contrast, the five-year survival rate exceeds 50 percent in Japan, where early gastric cancer quite frequently weight diagnosed screening efforts who been practiced since the 1960s (1. Source: Taiho Pharmaceutical Co..

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