In the mouse Inge L.

In the mouse Inge L. Huibregtse and Veerle Snoeck , have investigated the use of OVA-secreting bacteria on mice tested are allergic to ovalbumin. By the administration of OVA-secreting bacteria, which deliver ovalbumin to the right place in the intestine, they succeeded in creating ovalbumin – tolerant mice.

###Relevant scientific publications of this this is in the authoritative journal Gastroenterology Vandenbroucke et al, Gastroenterology, 502-513 Steidler et al, Nature Biotechnology, 785-789 .An item OnlineFirst and publishes in the of the October issue from The Lancet Oncology reporting that a dexamethasone -based risk of relapse risk of recurrence and improve the recovery rate in the children with acute lymphatic leukemia . This can without the use of radiation and some cephalad frequently used chemotherapeutic agents be achieved, therefore, minimizing the risk of unnecessary side effects. This very effective handling method Reports Results equal with a the best international records.

The DCOG in this study the results of ALL-9 log. The time is the same as structured as ALL – 6 on the NHR group, to validate the results in a new cohort of patients. At the same time there is a new approach for treating TO HR group having aimed at improving the Results The obtained for ALL-6.

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