If one guy who destroy an important regulator of microtubule.

Feinstein argues that neurons die in Alzheimer’s disease because their cytoskeleton is not working properly. If one guy who destroy an important regulator of microtubule, one could easily see how this could also cause cell death, said Feinstein. We know from cancer drugs if the cells with drugs that treat disrupt the cytoskeleton, the cells die, he said. In my eyes, the same could happen here. .

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A 1 percent and Mail profiles from HIV / AIDS Awareness Group to SomaliaToronto Globe and Mail Monday distinguished the HIV / AIDS Awareness by and Development Organization a Xuddur, Somali-based group, in the past year created to promote abstinence and fidelity and encouragement offered HIV testing. Many people are of Somalia believe that HIV / AIDS was no is a problem supported into a country where isolation of cause by 14 years of war the prevalence being about 1.5 percent and 2 percent, which is one of the lowest rates in Africa. However, epidemiologists warn that a 1 percent prevalence of a ‘imminent of explosion ‘, are especially in a country when migration, conflict, female circumcision, and to increase the lack of condoms and the formation the risks of HIV transmission of.

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