Richard Haynes.

Mr. Richard Haynes, microscope Ophthalmic Surgeon at the Bristol Eye Hospital, says: ‘leave Conventional eye surgery average of eight stitches in the patient’s eye sore That they it can and can dissolve more than four weeks for the mesh There are also more at risk of infection and discomfort and inflammation. – ‘seamless surgery is a significant advance. The wounds left by this technique are small and heal quickly, so it is difficult to see them with a microscope, even the next day. ‘The new procedure is less invasive and there is less of a trauma, especially for those patients who , such as children, such as children, though all know people who go through them more convenient comfortable and the result much faster recovery..

Due to the nature of this case as well as the threatened litigation, we should expect to continue to to hear more about that situation. Due to patient confidentiality it is not possible for us to comment on specific allegations are, one of which interprets many of our decisions and intentions wrong. Given the pride and commitment that each of you have for our organization, receiving unfair criticism in in ,, for all of us tough We our obligation to take to our members very seriously, watch watch carefully our reputation in this respect.In relevant follow-up, automated screening system can be identify identify instances of unanticipated drug turn and Abuse to, reports the paper by Dr. Richard H. Epstein and colleagues at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia.

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