The advanced RapidArc system.

– ‘The first treatment went smoothly and was completed in only two and a half minutes,’Stanley Makgere, medical physicist in charge said, adding that only two arcs were needed during treatment delivery. ‘Our team has experience in many treatment methods and we believe that this is the best way to make cancer patients treated with radiotherapy, because it is fast to use, accurate and easy.. The advanced RapidArc system, which was introduced clinical hospital Clina Varian iX medical linear accelerator, precise image-guided IMRT delivers up to four times faster than conventional IMRT.

Many communities,stances between cities, the treatment centers to to many communities, and there are still long waiting lists for treatment in public hospitals. Here at Netcare Unitas however, we are usually able to start treating patients within two weeks within two weeks of diagnosis and one week after referral to our facility by the radiation oncologist .. The 470 – bed Netcare Unitas Hospital are the flagship of the Netcare group is 54 private hospitals in South Africa, health services, world-class services for patients from across Pretoria, Johannesburg, Mpumalanga and Swaziland The radiotherapy department treats about 300 new patients each year. – South Africa has always kept up to date global trends in cancer therapy, but the number of linear accelerators per capita in the public and private sectors is still low compared to other countries, says Dr.Researchers wrote in animal sacrifice into Brazil folk religion.

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